Laser Laser Pointer Mount

This is a mount to put a Laser Pointer on top of the 22W Creality Falcon2 Laser Engraver. It allows me to align my laser within about 1mm.


You cut this in two or three layers and then glue them together to make the finished part. Customize the hole to fit your own laser pointer. In my case I used a dollar store laser, I removed the housing, and soldered it directly to a USB cable (5V at 100mA). That laser had a 6.5mm diameter so the hole in my design is set to that size. The kerf of the laser (0.1mm) makes it fit firmly with the hole at the exact size of the laser body.

I use two rubber bands to attach this to the top of the Falcon2 22W laser head. The rubber bands go through the small holes and wrap around the notches on the edge. The other end goes on one of the hooks which hooks to the bottom of the laser head. You can put the laser pointer on either the right or the left side depending on how you glue the layers together.

More detailed instructions and additional files coming soon. Email me if you have questions.


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Written by Joel Dare in September 18, 2023. Last updated September 28, 2023.