Material Library

This is my personal material library for the 22W Creality Falcon 2 laser engraver. These are approximate values that looked good to me during my tests.

Material Thickness Effect Speed Power Passes
Stainless Cup6 n/a engrave 9000 50% 2
Painters Tape7 n/a engrave 12,000 50% 1
Glass1 n/a engrave 12,000 70% 1
Paper2 0.12mm cut 12,000 80% 1
Paper3 0.12mm engrave 15,000 60% 1
Cardboard 3mm cut 1,000 40% 1
Cardboard 3mm cut4 1,000 30% 1
Cardboard 3mm engrave5 12,200 70% 1
Plywood 3mm cut 400 60% 1
Plywood 3mm engrave 10,000 90% 1
Plywood 5mm (1/8") cut 400 95% 1
Rock8 n/a engrave 1000 50% 1

1 A flat sheet of dollar store glass was etched with a sheet of 24lb bright white paper under it. This caused the back side of the glass to etch.

2 Paper was 24lb bright white with another sheet under it. A slightly higher power, maybe 90%, might work even better.

3 Very thin paper is difficult to etch without losing the integrity of the paper.

4 At 30% the cardboard cut through but required pressing the part out while at 40% the part falls away freely.

5 This was tested as a cut instead of a fill shape so further testing may be necessary.

6 Engraving worked at speed 9000 and power 50% with two passes on most materials. Blue powder coat may not etch all the way through.

7 Blue painters tape over a black surface will etch through the tape, instead of into it, even at very low power.

8 Rocks will vary widly. This setting worked but caused sparks (and a fire warning from the machine). The etch was not very visible.